adjective (giving advice: an advisory leaflet; He acted in an advisory capacity.) asesor
1 asesor,-ra, consultivo,-a
he's acting in an advisory capacity only actúa únicamente en calidad de asesor
advisory [æd'vaɪzəri, əd-] adj
1) : consultivo
in an advisory capacity : como asesor
consejero, -a adj.
consultivo, -a adj.
adjective <body/service> consultivo

in an advisory capacity — en calidad de asesor

ADJ [body] consultivo

in an advisory capacity — como asesor(a)

N (esp US) nota f oficial, anuncio m público

advisory board N — junta f consultiva

advisory committee N(US) (Pol) comité m consultivo

advisory opinion N(US) (Jur) opinión f consultiva or asesora

advisory service N — servicio m consultivo

* * *
adjective <body/service> consultivo

in an advisory capacity — en calidad de asesor

English-spanish dictionary. 2013.

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